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Jenitales – Rough Hex – Erotic comics
Sole Creator: Jennie Gyllblad

Vigor Mortis – Webcomic
Writer: Ella McConnell
Artist/letterer: Jennie Gyllblad

Updated twice a month on Fridays:
Supported by Ella herself and her patrons:

Skal – Webcomic
Sole Creator: Jennie Gyllblad

Updated around twice a month, depending on schedule.
Paid ‘Per Page’ on my patreon:

By Man & Angels – 24 page issue comics
Writer/Graphic Design: Pedro la Barba
Artist/letterer: Jennie Gyllblad

Issue 1 can be bought here. And Issue 2 can be bought here.

Paid ‘Per Page’ on my patreon:

Clockwork Watch Evolution
Writers: Yomi Ayeni, Corey Brotherson
Artist/letterer: Jennie Gyllblad

32 page steampunk comic in the Clockwork Watch series.


Skal #4
By Man & Angels issue 2: What The Wind Blew In